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Tactic Connect appoints Rhino Ark as its Charity of Choice

Tactic Connect is pleased to announce it has appointed Rhino Ark as its charity of choice for

the coming year, supporting the charity with a series of UK based motorsport events to

further elevate awareness of the charity.

The synergy between Rhino Ark and Tactic Connect is evident. Our work in motorsport and

sport more generally centres around sustainability and engagement. Tactic Connect

recognises the enormous conservation work performed by Rhino Ark in Kenya over the last

33 years. Using motorsport as an incentive to raise money there is perfect alignment with

our mission to create sustainability through sport.

One such concept is the well-established Rhino Charge, where teams compete in a one-day

off-road event during which a maximum of 65 competitors are required to visit 13 control

points scattered over approximately 100 square kilometres of rough terrain within 10 hours.

The Charge utilises competitors love of motorsport, off-roading, and the clear need for

sustainability to benefit the communities Rhino Ark supports. Tactic Connect is delighted to

have supported Rhino Ark UK to work with the National Motorsport Academy supplying

content for their Business of Motorsport MA which will illustrate to clients the very many

reasons motorsport can be used to raise awareness of core world issues.

For more information on the Rhino Charge please see a recent Forbes article written by

Tactic Connect’s CEO, Genevieve Gordon-Thomson says “The opportunity to work across

motorsport and sustainably is not to be missed. We are thrilled to be supporting Rhino Ark

and of course the Rhino Charge in its endeavours to protect wildlife and communities in

Kenya”. Christian Lambrechts, Executive Director of Rhino Ark says “We are pleased to take

the Rhino Ark and Rhino Charge’s conservation message to the broader motorsport and

sports industry. I am confident that the partnership with Tactic Connect will be productive’.


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