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How to Connect: An Introductory Guide to Social Media

It is crucial that aspiring athletes, professional athletes, sport businesses and sports organisations understand how to manage their social media profiles effectively, as the social and digital following of sport has become one of the most important criteria for brands when they are considering using the sports industry as a platform for interaction with a wider audience. 


The Introductory Guide to Social Media is here to help you and available in both hard copy and PDF. Both are priced at £8.99 (plus postage and packaging for a hardcopy). 

Amendable Contracts

As a team we are asked time and again to help with various commercial contracts, particularly when there is a problem during the term of the contract. We have therefore drafted a series of fully amendable contracts (detailed below) that can be used to help you negotiate confidently and achieve stability when making agreements relating to things like sponsorship. The purpose of these contracts is to give you a template which you can use for your own agreements and amend where required, ensuring you have covered many of the implicit and explicit terms required. 

Single amendable contracts start at £79.99 and you can of course make a great saving by purchasing a bundle. If you require extra support this can be offered too. If you would like to purchase a contract or bundle please email and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

1. Personality Endorsement Agreement

Typically, in exchange for personal recommendation a company will provide products and sometimes services free of charge. Endorsement deals are not to be confused with a form of sponsorship and as such require their own agreement terms. 


This template agreement covers the required terms typically required in such an agreement including obligations, options, termination and more. 

2. Sponsorship Agreement

Behind every sponsorship deal should be a sponsorship agreement that is fit for purpose, reliable and effective so the parties are free to concentrate on what they do best. 


This template provides both the sponsee and sponsor with a framework for creating a partnership that understands expectations, defines requirements and considers the relationship as a whole.

3. Image Rights License Agreement

An Image Rights License is important for individuals with a practical approach to their commercial value. Athletes with commercial value utilise such agreements to protect the use of their image, name, nickname, voice and other distinguishing features. 


This template will enable athletes to be in control of who can and cannot exploit their likeness for commercial gain and allows the athlete to recover funds for use of said Intellectual Property. 

NB: These contracts do not constitute legal advice. If you require legal advice, please get in touch and we will help you. 

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