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Logo Design

SportExcel UK


SportExcel UK, formerly known as UKSA, are a pioneering national disability sports organisation dedicated to empowering individuals with learning disabilities to excel in elite sports. They are the sole official Great Britain member of Virtus, the international federation for athletes with intellectual disabilities, Down syndrome, and autism. Recognised by UK Sport and a member of the British Paralympic Association, SportExcel UK plays a pivotal role in advocating for inclusion, eligibility, and classification within the realm of competitive sports.


SportExcel UK sought a rebranding initiative to reflect its evolving vision, strategic priorities, and inclusive ethos. They required a new logo that would encapsulate their commitment to excellence, empowerment, and societal change while maintaining a sense of continuity with their past achievements. The guidance they provided, giving us insight into what they were looking for in terms of design where as follows...

  • Chunky, easy to read, san-serif typeface

  • Use the existing red, white and blue colour scheme

  • Include a simple, easily recognisable character or emblem

This is the previous UKSA logo which was to be replaced. The biggest issue was the lack of legibility, especially when having to display at small sizes.

SportExcel UK - Logo.png
SportExcel - image 2 - logo 2.png
SportExcel - website.png
SportExcel - image 3 - logo safe zone.png
SportExcel - logo mockup.png
SportExcel - image 4 - logo alternative layouts.png
SportExcel - poster mockup.png
SportExcel - image 5 - colour scheme.png
SportExcel - female running kit.png
SportExcel - Stationary ver1.png
SportExcel - office mockup.png
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