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Our team have years of experience in the education sector and are happy to work with you to provide exactly what you and your students require. 

MA Business of Motorsport

We are proud to have worked extensively on this masters programme – a world first in education. A high-octane master’s course, delivered online, giving students the skills needed to compete in the billion-pound global motorsports arena has been launched in association with the National Motorsport Academy (NMA). 


The new Business of Motorsport MA switches gear on existing university courses with its focus on business as opposed to the technical and engineering side of the industry. The course is run on a modular system with the opportunity to gain a certificate (PGCert), diploma (PGDip) and full masters (MA). It is suitable for those already working in the industry and those that have an interest in motorsport, it has a rolling intake and will launch in January 2021. 

The course is validated by De Montfort University, Leicester. 


To learn more about the degree visit the National Motorsport Academy. 

Syracuse University

We have worked with Syracuse University in the United States for a number of years on sports classes that form student electives on their Sports Management undergraduate degree semester abroad programme.

Sport in the United Kingdom

In this course, you will be introduced to the wide range of issues in the field of sports, particularly those relating to U.K. and European sport. Throughout the semester, you will explore where sport comes from and consider how people in different countries view and utilize sport. You will also examine sport from a political perspective, studying how the governing bodies of various sports in the U.K. interact with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. You will also learn how sport events such as the Olympics become an opportunity to generate business and interest in a country. In addition to time spent in the classroom, you will attend and reflect on a variety of sporting events and tour several stadiums, which will allow you to make comparisons and gain a better understanding of the sport.


To learn more about the class please visit the Syracuse Abroad website. 

Global Sports Marketing: A Case-Study Approach

This class will introduce you to international sport marketing theories, allowing you to examine how sport as a business has grown to such an extent that companies actively seek to use sport as a marketing tool for their products and services across the globe. Examine the use of marketing through the eyes of different sports, consider the key differences between activating a sport-related campaign and any other campaign. Case studies will be used to allow you to expand your knowledge of sport marketing campaigns across the world and understand how culture and social interest in sport plays a big part in a successful campaign.


To learn more about the class please visit the Syracuse Abroad website. 

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