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With the 2019 Vitality Netball World Cup in full swing in Liverpool, England at The Liverpool Arena, we thought we'd spend a few minutes reflecting on the work of our clients, the NPA, and our growing support in the game.

The Vitality Netball World Cup, contested every four years, has whipped up a storm for the sport and we've been pleasantly surprised by the amount of 'noise' around the competition, especially for our clients including players, programme athletes and of course the Netball Players Association (NPA).

The BBS Podcast, Netballers, has been a huge hit taking the fabulous Sasha and Kadeen Corbin's profile to another level, Vitality have commissioned indents using individual players as well as utilising their contractual benefit with England Netball of multi-player imagery and works. Nike are working with players more than ever before and high street brands are approaching the athletes directly to engage in promotional campaigns. Who didn't see England Roses adorning the front cover of a recent edition of popular women's magazine, Elle...

Our client, the NPA, have been front and centre with the support offered to their members. Members know they have the upmost support in the directors, partners and affiliates. As the NPA continues its growth it has introduced key services to the members including welfare support, commercial support, insurance packages suitable for female athletes and recently a tax partner to help players with their everyday tax obligations.

The NPA strive to be an innovative and forward-moving association. Growing links with the wider player community, including the Professional Players Federation and World Players United has seen the NPA being invited to a Commonwealth Games summit to discuss the growing need for support for athletes that are part of the CWG family.

As we continue to support the NPA we are working with them to introduce a gala dinner, business networking evenings and other player opportunities and events to strengthen the core of the association for the benefit of its members.

So how did we get to work with such a great sport?

Our CEO, Gen, was asked by the English Institute of Sport to give a workshop to the England Roses explaining their contractual obligations. After the workshop players contacted Gen asking if she could support their initiative to set up a player’s association as they were seeking to be more professional and wanted to do more to support the Directors of the newly formed association.

Our work with the NPA has been varied and is at the forefront of women’s sport, breaking ground and supporting those that need our help.

We have successfully inserted IP clauses into the Roses Contract, negotiated image rights deals and lodged image rights with the player association so the players can now actively derive a benefit from their own Intellectual Property along with the association.

We are supporting the NPA and England Netball in their joint endeavour to introduce contractual changes and  obligations (for both parties) to the league that consider the specific requirements of female athletes. This is a big step forward for the sustainability of the game, giving the players certainty in the contracts they are signing, and it will also benefit the franchise and ultimately the Vitality Netball Super League and strengthen the governance of the sport. The NPA and England Netball have done a fantastic job working together for the benefit of the players and the support structure around them.

Away from England Netball and the NPA, we are now supporting a number of the Roses Programme athletes and Super League players with contract negotiations, commercial support and endorsement deals. In our line of work, it is a great feeling when you know you’ve supported a client to make the very most of every opportunity.

Is there an opportunity to get involved?

We are currently inviting expressions of interest in a range of partnership opportunities with the NPA (you can read the press release here). If you would like to explore these options further, please get in touch by emailing You could position your brand at the very heart of the growing movement, women in sport and fairness for all.

Tactic Connect is proud of its association with the NPA and the players and we wish you all continued success – we are right behind you!


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