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Working with Sasha Corbin

Over the past two years, Tactic Connect has had the pleasure of assisting professional netballer Sasha Corbin across numerous projects and areas of work. As an elite netballer with Saracens Mavericks, as well as running her own business, Solo Sessions, Sasha always has a lot going on as she begins to shape her post-netball career. Recently we sat down with Sasha to hear from her about how Tactic Connect has helped her and her thoughts about being a client of TC.

As a member of the Netball Players Association, our CEO, Genevieve Gordon-Thomson, and Tactic Connect were recommended to Sasha as she began her endeavours into starting Solo Sessions. As Sasha says when recalling her first meeting with Gen, “I just loved the energy, how professional Gen was and I was just kind of on board straightaway!”.

Sasha needed a team who had the ability and the expertise to assist not only with the needs of an athlete such as helping with sponsorships with Nike and Sports Direct, but also a team who understood the intricacies of starting a business such as ensuring trademarks and other requirements were set up and registered correctly. In particular, the legal knowledge has helped Sasha immensely, “as an athlete, you don’t always understand the ins and outs of legal and I feel like it’s important to learn while you go along. I feel like that’s what Tactic Connect has done, they’ve educated me as well as looked after me.” Tactic Connect has worked to ensure that her legal responsibilities were always covered so she could focus on growing her business and performing on the court.

When it comes to Solo Sessions, Tactic Connect has been by Sasha’s side every step of the way to ensure she and the company were poised for, and delivering, success. This includes when things do not necessarily go to plan or in the way anyone was expecting. This was very much the case when the Covid-19 pandemic hit and forced many people’s plans to change. “When the pandemic hit, there was a massive shift but Tactic Connect was there to help me with ideas to move my business along, even during the tough times. They really went above and beyond with more help than I could have ever imagined”. During this time, TC helped Sasha with planning, finalising and delivering to market a brand-new concept for Solo Sessions, Boot Camp 1.0, an at home netball training program that was perfect for netballers and general fitness during quarantine. Not only did TC help with getting this program ready for release, but they also assisted Sasha with negotiating sponsorship deals from the likes of iPRO for the Bootcamp.

Tactic Connect has been able to help Sasha not only in her career as a netballer, but also her endeavours as a business owner and innovator in the netball space. As Sasha finished the interview, “Tactic Connect is great and I will certainly continue to work with them.” Tactic Connect thinks the same as she has been a superstar to support , both on and off the netball court. Genevieve Gordon said, “We love working with Sasha, her enthusiasm and energy is limitless, we have enjoyed supporting her as an athlete and as a business owner and we look forward to playing our part in her future successes.”


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