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Meet Genevieve at the AutoSport International - Connect Event

The CEO of Tactic Connect, Genevieve Gordon-Thomson, is thrilled to be speaking at the Autosport International, ASI Connect Event on the 10th March.

You can visit the website here…

The main focus area of the discussion will be finding new talent and how education is playing its part in building the future of motorsport. The panel will shine a light on traditional engineering courses, however, Genevieve as programme designer and leader, will be showcasing the all new online Business of Motorsport Programmes that are available through the National Motorsport Academy (NMA).

The NMA Business School is designed to offer education opportunities to those who wish to pursue a career, or enhance their existing career, within the business and commercial areas of the motorsport industry.

To find out more about the range of courses available, here is the link to the NMA Business School…


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