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Tactic Connect is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Future Racing team for the 2021 edition of F1 In Schools.

F1 in Schools is an international STEM competition for school children, in which groups of 3–6 students have to design and manufacture a miniature car out of the official F1 Model Block using CAD/CAM design tools, with teams competing through regional and National Events with successful teams progressing to International finals.

Participants are expected to create their own Formula One team, where they are challenged to design, build and race the fastest and most-efficient Formula One car of the future, powered by compressed gas cylinders. Each team is expected to raise sponsorship to fund your development, manage your brand and partnerships, learn how to build and test prototype cars, analyse their performance and ultimately race their own car.

Future Racing is an all-female team based at St Marys Secondary School, Ballina, Co. Mayo in the Republic of Ireland who are seeking to break down barriers in both motorsport and engineering by becoming the first female team from Ireland to qualify for the world finals which are being held in Singapore.

The world of motorsport is changing, developing and stretching the fabric of the traditional activity of motorsport and the business side of the industry is a key part of this. Tactic Connect works actively in the industry, working with the National Motorsport Academy to deliver the renowned Business of Motorsport Masters and its associated courses. Supporting drivers, teams and companies in motorsport business planning, legal and business strategies has shown us first-hand that we hold a unique position in the market to know that times are changing, and equality is at the forefront.

Gen commented...

It is a great opportunity for Future Racing to learn some new skills, further their knowledge in the STEM area, develop themselves as individuals and of course fly the flag of women and girls being active in motorsport. We are privileged to be asked to support them and wish them well in the national championships and their quest to represent Ireland in the world finals in Singapore”.

The Future Racing team car, promotional stand and team uniforms will carry the Tactic Connect logo, and our team will support the girls in building their brand and connectivity in motorsports as they undertake their journey, and we will share updates along the way.

For more details, updates on designs and sponsorship opportunities please visit:


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